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    2 UI Problems with MacOS Sierra


      OS:  MacOS 10.12.1 Sierra

      FMP Version:  FMPA

      Hardware: MBP11.5 - 15" Retina Mid 2015

      FMP File is hosted on my Win 2012 located at a datacenter

      Connection  100 MB Cable



      There are 2 issues that are driving me crazy:


      1) Script Workspace.

           - Find a script shows empty list of scripts.  See Attachment 1

           - Scroll through some 100 scripts also gives same effect


      2) Layout Mode

          - using mouse to select multiple objects often results in the box that is drawn not responding anymore (Attachment 2)

          - the behavior of attachment 2 causes multiple objects that have been selected by clicking not to show that they are selected with the alignment pallete.  (see attachment 3)

          - under El Capitan the selection mechanism has been acting up but did not hinder the user.  Now the user may hardly work.

          - Also:  Sometimes the user may not select any objects whatsoever (hard to document)

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          Thank you for your post.


          Our Development and Testing departments are aware of the scripts not displaying in the scripts pane of the Script Workspace under macOS Sierra 10.12.x.  This is usually caused by scrolling up and down the scripts pane.  I have attached your post to the original report.  When more information becomes available, I will post again.


          I have not encountered your issue with the Inspector alignment not showing multiple objects have been selected, and I do not see any similar issue reported.  Please provide more information about your layout (parts, size, objects, etc.) so I can try to replicate this issue.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            to duplicate:


            1) play around with selecting by drag function of mouse until the select area remains as shown in the screenshot.

            2) Now try a select by dragging the mouse or select multiple objects by clicking and holding down shift key. It does not happen every time but often enough. Of course I have no clue as to why ... it just gets on my nerves ;-)


            Bildschirmfoto 2016-11-09 um 14.50.44.png

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              This issue has been addressed in FileMaker Pro 16.



              FileMaker, Inc.