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how can I combine two same fields into one

Question asked by arnojansen1 on Nov 5, 2016
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I use FM15 pro advanced on a mac.


I have a "simple" question but cannot do it currently.


I have a client dossier that has many clients. So 1 dossier number has 2 or more clients.


The dossier has a portal with client details and one namecombination field wit Mr first name last name

title,      first name, last name, combination field

Mr      A, Button, Mr A Button

Mrs      C, Button, Mrs C Button


What I am looking for is: I need to combine the namecombinations (mr A Button "and" mrs C Button) to a letter. I have a list but that is is names below each other and i need all names in the portal next to each other.


I have tried to set a field to the first portal row and take the first name combination field

Then go to next portal and combine the first name combination field to the next one, but have not succeeded.


happy to do it in a script as the portal can have 1, or 2 or more names


can you help?