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    PHP API cannot find records.


      My php call to the API cannot find records in a layout. Both the newFindCommand( 'layout') and the newFindAllCommand('layout') return a 401 error.

      The listLayouts( ) command shows the particular layout, but does not show all layouts in the solution. Is this significant?

      I have tried:

      • Running a recover on a copy of the file.
      • Changing the name of the layout.
      • Changing the name of the enclosing folder in the layouts list.
      • Making new layouts (one with just the target field).
      • Listing the fields with the getFields( ) command. Fields are all there.


      Other previously generated php scripts run fine.

      My php code is attached. I'm hoping someone can find something stupid I did before concluding that I have a corrupted database.