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Reports not presenting as expected

Question asked by James_L on Nov 6, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2016 by James_L

I've got two tables and a join table (many-to-many):


Names_Searched <---> Names_Items_Join <---> Items_Found


Each "Name" in the first table is unique.

Each "Items" record has a field "date."


I'm trying desperately to get what should be a simple report, and not getting expected results.


What I want to see is a report that sorts my Names from the first table alphabetically, then lists the "Items" from the third table that are joined to it, sorted by date:


Names Record A

     Items 4 1/1/2016

     Items 2  2/1/2016

     Items 3 3/5/2016

     Items 5 7/1/2016


Names Record B

     Items 1 3/1/2015

     Items 4 1/1/2016


And so on.


In my Layout, I've got "Names" as a Leading Grand Summary. 

I've got "Items" as a sub-summary sorted by date, but it isn't sorting by date.  I have no idea why.