BUG: FileMaker's PDF Output does not respect layout's page boundaries

Discussion created by fmpdude on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by TSGal

FileMaker (14) FMPA, at least, does not respect page boundaries in a layout when exporting to PDF. Thus, when opening a PDF with graphs, for example, it's routine to see that the graph is split right down the middle, horizontally, across two pages!


So, FileMaker dumps this trial-and-error exercise in my lap to try and see how to get the proper PDF output - even when, now, the layout page boundaries have no relation to the page boundaries of the PDF output file. That guessing, trial-and-error, work that FMP should be doing internally takes me quite a while and is frustrating ("why should I be doing this and not the software?!"). And, the next time I modify the layout, I have to start the time-consuming trial-and-error PDF export all over - multiple attempts.


I'm sure you would agree that for "freeware" this buggy export behavior would be OK, but not for a multi-hundred dollar database product that's been around for 30+ years, right?


Therefore please fix this software so if I have a graph, or other object that's inside the page boundaries of a layout, that these objects properly export within the PDF (in this case) page boundaries and not split across pages.