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    User Authentication Through Server


      How would one got about this.  I have each user set up with local permissions.  I am also building a database for our Security Department, each have about 12 scripts that will require password changes every time we have to update our passwords.  I don't want people messing around in the scripting but also don't want to have to lock it down so tight that I have to do all of the passwords for them.  Any help on this would be great.

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          Thank you for your post.


          The "Change Password" script allows the logged in account to change their password to access the file.  However, the screen shot you attached was for the Send Mail command.  If this is the case, you can create a variable to hold the password, and then use the variable in the Password field.



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            The issues is with having to change the email password using O365 to email reports.  I have tried using a global field but when you change layouts the password disappears.  We have approximately 15 email scripts that run different reports and have to go into the script to change the password every 60 day.  I would like to stop them from going into the scripting.  I know this probably sounds like gibberish.  One person suggested a variable but I have not that far along and don't understand some enough about them to us it.

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              A global field should be available to all users across all layouts.  Since this isn't working for you, consider putting the password into another table.  On opening of the file, take the password from that table and put it into a global variable.  This way, you only need to change the value in the table every 60 days.


              Here is how you would do it:


              1. Create a new table "Password", with one text field "Password".

              2. Go to the layout "Password", create a new record, and enter the current password into the field "Password".

              3. Pull down the Scripts menu and select the first option "Script Workspace..."

              4. Click the "+" icon in the upper left corner.  "New Script" will be created.  Rename this to "Startup".

              5. Add the script step Go to Layout, and select the "Password" layout.

              6. Add the script step Set Variable.  Click the gear icon.

              7. Name:    $$password

                  Value:     <click Specify, select the Password field>

              8. Click OK to save the Set Variable options.

              9. Close the Script Workspace and you will be prompted to save the changes.  Click Save.

              10. Pull down the File menu and select "File Options..."

              11. Select the right tab "Script Triggers"

              12. Put a check mark next to the first option "OnFirstWindowOpen"

              13. Select the last script "Startup".

              14. Click OK to close the Specify Script window, and click OK again to close File Options.


              Now, when you open the file, the global variable $$password will contain the value from the password field, and it will remain in that variable until the file is closed.


              This should give you a good starting point.  Please let me know if you need additional clarification.



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                You were right on the money.  I incorporated it in my open script and it worked perfectly.  Owe you big time.


                Thank you,



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