Automatically Entering a Record from a Script.

Discussion created by DavidCushworth on Nov 7, 2016
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I have a database of contacts (Name of the DB is "Sponsors"), usual stuff:  Record ID & personal details as nauseam.


I have a database (name of the DB is "Sponsors Log") that records what communications we have with each contact.  Three fields:  Record ID of the contact , Date, Comments.


The comments are viewed in a Portal on the customer Layout.


I have them in a relationship connected between the Record ID's in each database.    I have permissions set to allow the Sponsors Log DB to be changed from within the portal.


I then have a pre-defined e-mail we send to the contacts, using a script.     Part of the script is meant to make an entry into the Comments DB showing the date & description of the email sent.


I Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 4.02.47 PM.png

The record is created successfully, the data for the date & Comments is there, but for some reason the Record ID is not being recorded.  I get 2 out 3, with the most important one being omitted.


In the Sponsors Log DB, the field I use for the Record ID (actual Name Sponsor ID) is just an indexed Number.    I have tried it with a calculated value but nothing seems to work.


It should be an extremely simple thing, but for reason I can't get it to work.


Help !!