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Webviewer Reload / Refresh / Update on FMGo

Question asked by IT_User on Nov 7, 2016
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I am working on a status screen in FMGo where the status is shown through a webviewer (since it is animated), and the status needs to be always shown. (iPad won't fall asleep)

The status can be changed from the iPad, but sometimes can be changed elsewhere since it is hosted on a server.

The webviewer needs to be refreshed to update what status is shown.  The updating and showing the new status does not always work.


When performing the process to update the status on the iPad it usually works, but not enough to be fully functional.


The layout that has the webviewer, for the OnRecordLoad script trigger it performs a script that calls an OnTimerScript that recreates the URL to be used in the webviewer.  However, this does not work.

I added more instance to run the update script, but seems to maybe interrupt the script moreso than before.


Is there a way to help with this or should I remove the webviewer and just use the fields, and the like, instead for this to update?