Webinar FM_DISC... Online User group Meeting this Friday 10AM

Discussion created by richardcarlton on Nov 7, 2016

Hi everyone...


There will be an FMPug-Without Boards Broadcast - Simulcast with FM DISC (the Southern California/Los Angeles User Group).


The first 30 minutes of the event... will be a simultaneous broadcast for the FMDISC attendees, plus anyone else who wants to attend the Webinar.  This webinar will focus on some updates on FM Cloud...including some serious performance testing with the T2.Small... and how far you can really go with it.  The T2 class of instances will be the most commonly used AWS Servers for the FM Cloud.  Learn more about them.


We'll discuss the T2 Class... and its burst-able capacities... plus the CPU Credit concept...etc.


The 2nd 30 minutes will be a general Q&A with Richard Carlton... and NOT broadcast at FMDISC.


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