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    To show a year as 16 from 2016


      I have merg field showing an invoice number. I want to do the same or a calculation showing the last two numbers of the year.

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          I guess you have an invoice date field in your table? You can just insert the date as a merge field on your layout and then use a custom format that will hide everything except the year that you will choose to show with only the 2 last numbers :


          Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 10.27.34.png


          And else, if you have the year only as a number field, you can create a calculation field that will do the following : Right ( year ; 2 )


          You can then insert that calculated field as a merge field on your layout and it will always show the 2 last numbers of the year field.

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            Great advice, Thomas! Keep in mind that if you have several "number-type" fields as merge formatted AND other text, you may run into problems if you format the block of merge text and fields. The Inspector settings will honor ONE number format, ONE date format. So if you have, for example:

            Invoice Number field

            Date field (even calculated to two digit number for year)

            Amount field

            (all inside other text)

            ... applying currency will change all numbers (merge fields) in the block.


            So, you have to be careful!


            Often, I will calculate the text for the entire block and format with functions rather than Inspector formatting. Place that as your merge field. 


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