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Import (pictures) from Folder ... is something wrong in FM-15?

Question asked by dburnham on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2016 by dburnham

When manually importing images from a designated folder using the File->Import menu item, there are no problems.  It behaves the same way it has for a decade or more.


I have a script that is intended to allow the user to designate the source folder for the import of a set of photos.  Each time the script is run, the source folder will be different, which is why I need to let the user select the source folder each time the script runs.


When I leave the "Specify Folder" checkbox unchecked and the field map (import order) is checked and specified,  the result is that when the script runs, a GetFile dialog box appears but instead of the CHOOSE button that you see when you run the script manually, there is instead an OPEN button in the place where you expect to see the CHOOSE button.  Therefore, you can drill into the folder and see all the images but you can't initiate the import action because it requires a CHOOSE button to make that happen.   (When running Import from Folder manually, and you click CHOOSE, the next thing you get is the dialog box where you specify if you want a reference to the original or not, etc. and then you can click CONTINUE to make the import begin.


But without a CHOOSE button, you cannot script the importing of a set of photos.


My workaround is to designate a desktop folder for my client to use until I can learn if this is a bug in FileMaker 15 or not.   If there's something I am overlooking, I'd sure like to learn what it is.