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Discussion created by ajcvet on Nov 7, 2016
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good day


i can't seem to change the size of a layout.  i've gone through both FM training pdf's (basic and advanced), searched this forum, searched help.


a couple of things, the new layout looks like its set for a printable page with grey margins top, bottom, left and right that are not usable parts of the layout (the layout appears to be on a standard sheet of paper size).  also, when selecting a new layout, selecting computer and then selecting form,  there are no dimension windows for width or hight in that window as per the manuals.


the resizing instructions all seems pretty straight forward in that it says to drag the "dark grey line" to set the explicit width but my lines and dark black and i cannot select and drag them to new size.


i appologize as this seems like pretty basic stuff but i've been at this for hours trying to resize a new layout.  any suggestions ?


thanks in advance