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Script that allows users to make multiple find requests

Question asked by HawkGX on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by scottworld

Probably not searching correctly for this answer so I'm having a hard time finding the approach I need for my situation.  Our company has a job/order database which includes these fields, relevant to my question:  Job Order Date, and Job Status.


Obviously, the Job Order Date field is a date field where the user inputs the date the order was actually placed.  The Job Status field uses a short value list that contains these values:  Quote, Ordered, Invoiced, Billed, Paid and Not Used.


What I want to do is create a script that users trigger via a button.  I need the script to take them to a layout that allows them to enter a date or range of dates AND to select a value for the Job Status field, then perform a Find based on those multiple requests.  For example, the user wants to find all jobs marked "Billed" that have an order date between 10/1/16 and 11/8/16.


The script will perform the find, take them to a special List view layout that contains the relevant fields for this "report" and sort the found records in Ascending order based on the Order Date field. 


Creating the layouts and script button is no big deal, but I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the best way to create a script that leads the user into entering multiple find requests that result in the found record set I'm looking for.  I'm sure it's pretty simple, but beyond what I'm used to dealing with as far as scripts and find requests are concerned.