time to move to SQL Adapter.

Discussion created by malachydevlin on Nov 8, 2016
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I have had many years SQL experience but I have avoided moving my FileMaker backends to SQL for the simple reason, I want to keep it as simple as possible and avoid the extra complexities this adds.

Filemaker front end without a doubt though!

Anyway, for just these 3 reasons below I feel its a good enough reason to live with the extra work and I feel I have no choice but to move my data to MySQL or MSSQL.


1 - I am fed up with the complexity of adding, updating or deleting related records in Filemaker by having to go to layouts, loop and so on.. you know the score.

I sorely miss the simple Insert into or Update SQL statements that i can run from where i am standing.


2 - Reports!!!

It will be so much easier for me to have the report data created in a view / query at the back end and pop it onto the FM layout, i end up adding a load of fields, calculations, globals and variables that bloat the system and honestly make it hard to read. just to get reports.


3 - updating the back end, I could just run an ALTER DATABASE statement instead of importing records.


So what am I asking?

Well, does anyone think I am incorrect in my assessment?


ps at the risk of adding a 4th, I have lost count of the times where I need a UNION for 2 tables and honestly moving data to a 3rd table to get the results is a poor answer.

I would have done this years ago but FileMaker always try to say that ESS or SQL Adapter is for integration to other systems and not for a full back end to your database, to be honest that doesn't make any common sense in the real world but anyway..