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Help needed - Relation issue

Question asked by Stigge on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2016 by Stigge

Hello friends.


Am a bit stuck. :/ and hope someone know an easy solution for me =)


I have a running Asset management system up and running. PC`s mainly.


Scenario before:

Our Asset manager get a ticket of a user needing a PC, she then takes the users ALPSID and put it in to the PC to allocate that PC for the user.

Works fine.


Scenario now:

Out Asset manager get a ticket from 2 different places, old place just like scenario 1. New place dont have ALPSID instead they use another ID named SSO.


Now to the problem, how do i implement this in my system ? I have added all users SSO in the Staff Table. so its there, i can also view it.

But when it comes to the ALPSID i have that field on my PC table so i can just change the value and it changes user. i need that function from SSO field aswell.

The problem is that all other information about the user like name, e-mail, costcenter, department etc is in relation with the ALPSID.


Am guessing i need to create a new relation between my PC table and Staff table with the key SSO instead, but then i also need to create a new set of the other fields aswell. with mabye a hide/show of ALPSID beeing empty or not ?? or what do you guys suggest me doing ?



PS: sorry for the bad english and problebly hard to read question =D hope you understand my question anyway =)