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Pass HTML email to email client

Question asked by genera1che on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2018 by genera1che

Hello All,


As a newbie Filemaker developer, I recently started down the rabbit hole of HTML emails. Having read through innumerable forum posts, I came to the conclusion that this can almost only be done via plugins (paid for, or otherwise). The issue I'm having is that all the plugin options I have found involve having Filemaker send the HTML email via an SMTP server that has to be specified in the script step. Is anyone aware of any plugins or any other workaround to be able to have Filemaker generate an HTML email, then pass that to the email client, rather than via an SMTP server?


I want my users to be able to view the completed email in the client before sending it.


I have a feeling from another post here in this forum that certain more "advanced" clients (e.g. Thunderbird) will "interpret" HTML tags being passed via Filemaker, and apply them as a HTML email, however, if there was a way of controlling this, being able to add images for signatures, etc. etc., that would be really great.


Many thanks!