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Blocked "Open URL error" When using YouTune

Question asked by ontarget on Nov 9, 2016
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Nov 8, 2016



I'm having an issue where I added a web object to my FM application for a YouTube video, and I get a "Blocked Plug in" error message in the middle of the video area. I'm using the open URL script step in a button to try to bypass the error. I know the URL is correct because I put it in the browser and it opened right up to the page I am using.


Now here is the kicker, I have several apps that work with the button, and this was the result of having to do a workaround when YouTube displayed the blocked plug-in error. In my experience I've only recently seen this blocked plug-in error.  I have developed many apps where YouTube was included  within a WebObject and I did not get any errors.


I find it confusing that I can use the drop-down list that uses a field object with the URL in that field, and I get a completely different functionality. In the WebObject I use the URL from the field to open any website address in that field. This seems to be a YouTube specific issue? Has anybody had this issue where you're using YouTube in a web object?