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trigger when reconnecting to Server

Question asked by sivagurS on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by Johan Hedman

Development Support 1:


We develop our Filemaker databases mostly aimed at iphone and ipad devices.

I have a local File(Device-File) in the devices and when the user opens it, I check if the user is connected to the FM Server.

If they are connected I open the hosted file(Hosted-file). Everything works well.


Now we keep updating and adding different modifications to the hosted File.

To do this, I take a copy of the actual hosted file, rename it to (Test_Hosted-File) and then do all the changes/updates, once we are done testing it, I change the name of this (Test_HostedFile) to (Hosted-File)


Test_HostedFile --> Hosted-File

Hosted-File --> Backup_HostedFile


This way at any given time in my FM Server, I have a TestFile, HostedFile and a Backup File.

I would like to know if this is the ideal way to do it, or is there any thing I could do to make the system more stable and robust.


Development Support 2:


The Home-File opens to a login page,

once authenticated it opens a Home_Layout with different icons to open different other Filemaker databases(Eg: Sample-File).

From inside Sample-File when the user closes Filemaker by pressing the home button and opens it again after a few minutes, Filemaker tries to reconnect to the FM Server and opens the same Sample-File which was open when the user closed the app.

Is it possible to always open the Home-File Home_layout when the user reconnects to the FM server as opposed to the Sample-File.


There will always be only one user for each iphone and ipad

The idea is for the user to login only once when they first open the Home-File database and when they reconnect always open to the Home_Layout of the Home-File database.



Development Support 3:


Is it a good approach to keep the user logged in always and never the close the Home-File but only close all the Sample-Files from inside Home-File


Hope I have explained my issues clearly.


Any help and recommendations  would be greatly appreciated.


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