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    trigger when reconnecting to Server


      Development Support 1:


      We develop our Filemaker databases mostly aimed at iphone and ipad devices.

      I have a local File(Device-File) in the devices and when the user opens it, I check if the user is connected to the FM Server.

      If they are connected I open the hosted file(Hosted-file). Everything works well.


      Now we keep updating and adding different modifications to the hosted File.

      To do this, I take a copy of the actual hosted file, rename it to (Test_Hosted-File) and then do all the changes/updates, once we are done testing it, I change the name of this (Test_HostedFile) to (Hosted-File)


      Test_HostedFile --> Hosted-File

      Hosted-File --> Backup_HostedFile


      This way at any given time in my FM Server, I have a TestFile, HostedFile and a Backup File.

      I would like to know if this is the ideal way to do it, or is there any thing I could do to make the system more stable and robust.


      Development Support 2:


      The Home-File opens to a login page,

      once authenticated it opens a Home_Layout with different icons to open different other Filemaker databases(Eg: Sample-File).

      From inside Sample-File when the user closes Filemaker by pressing the home button and opens it again after a few minutes, Filemaker tries to reconnect to the FM Server and opens the same Sample-File which was open when the user closed the app.

      Is it possible to always open the Home-File Home_layout when the user reconnects to the FM server as opposed to the Sample-File.


      There will always be only one user for each iphone and ipad

      The idea is for the user to login only once when they first open the Home-File database and when they reconnect always open to the Home_Layout of the Home-File database.



      Development Support 3:


      Is it a good approach to keep the user logged in always and never the close the Home-File but only close all the Sample-Files from inside Home-File


      Hope I have explained my issues clearly.


      Any help and recommendations  would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks and Regards,


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          Your process for upgrading the files sounds OK.


          For the Sample File to Home file situation, it depends how long you've set the FMReauthenticate value in the Sample File (it defaults to 10 minutes) - you find it in the Security settings as an extended privilege. You need to rename the extended privilege to FMreauthenticate0 if you want FileMaker Go to prompt the user for credentials on the app opening up again. But it will still try to connect to the same file that was open when the app was put to sleep - the only way to prevent this is to "force-quit" the FileMaker Go app on the device and re-launch it.


          You can't really force FMGo to open a hosted file when the app launches, but you can create a link that will open that file - I can't remember the details off the top of my head.


          I would advise against always keeping users logged in. It takes up server and network resources, and if your users are on a cellular network then the data charges will add up very quickly. Modify the FMReauthenticate extended privilege to a suitable number of minutes, but be aware that allowing the automatic re-login that this provides is a potential security risk if the devices get stolen and you have a very long time set.

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            Johan Hedman

            First off I would have a separate FileMaker Server for developing and testing. With this you can more easily have same name of your file on the other FMS and on your device keep different starter files for TEST and PRODUCTIOn.


            Otherwise I would do the same way as you do