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    Buy 1 Get 1 Free.


      I tried a couple of times to get an upgrade for my FMPA 13 which I bought through the online store.

      It seems Filemaker is not selling upgrades to the "indigenous tribes" of the Second and Third world through its online store.

      Still, I hail it awesome, I cannot purchase an upgrade even through the Apple store in Dubai.

      Its still awesome (like everrr..), WinSoft is the only authorized distributor, and they would not reply to emails inquiring about upgrades.


      Now am getting bombarded by emails to Buy 1 FMPA and Get 1 FMPA Freee.... It feels like buying 2 Tickets to Hawaii for the price of one to Thailand, and I can sit on both seats to hawaii at the same time! What better way to educate and convince people in our locales to adopt Filemaker.


      Wouldn't it be of equal value to sell a new license of FMPA for half the price ?

      It would have been even more awesome if I could buy upgrades directly through an Apple Store and not from WinSoft.

      Better yet, Any chance of Global online purchases of upgrades for us savages too ?

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          Benjamin Fehr

          the ignorance and lack of common sense of FMI Marketing is a known issue:

          Still terrible miscalculation in Swiss Filemaker Store!

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            Thank you for your post.


            FileMaker, Inc. only supports the languages English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Brazilian-Portuguese, Korean and Simplified Chinese.  Winsoft International handles other languages.


            Keep in mind that FileMaker Pro 15 is the current version, and FileMaker Pro 13 is no longer available for purchase.


            If you are using FileMaker Pro under one of our supported languages (like English), then you can contact our European office based in the United Kingdom for available options.  Otherwise, you will need to contact Winsoft.



            FileMaker, Inc.

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