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    Filemaker Server + imagewin


      Hi all,


      I have a database in local with a folder (in root of document directory) that contains images to use in containers.


      This works fine in Local but, when i put the database in Web Direct the image dissapears. The directory tree is the same

      , i put the resources folder into filemaker server folder that contains the Database i upload.

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          This isn't how containers work on hosted files.


          You need to import the files into your database, host the file, then turn on managed storage. You can't just move documents around and expect them to link up from a local unhosted file to a hosted file.

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            mikebeargie Can you explain me how to do it, i'm very newbie on FM.


            I try setting the container field to "Store container data externally --> [hosted location]/Files/Tasks/"


            But i don't know how to continue :S


            Thanks in advance

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              You need to unhost the file, and put it back on your local machine.


              Then you need to write a script that will insert all of your container contents into the file instead of storing only a reference link.


              From there, you will have all of your container content in your .fmp12 file. You can now host that file.


              After hosting, THEN you switch the container field to store container data externally with whatever path you choose, and FileMaker will take care of moving and managing the existing content.


              Script looks something like this:

              Go To Layout [ records ]

              Show All Records

              Go To Record/Request/Page [ First ]


                 If [ not IsEmpty( records::container ) ]

                    Set Variable [ $path ; "file:" & GetAsText (records::container) ]

                    Insert File [ records::container ; $path ; NOT AS REFERENCE ]

                 End If

                 Exit Loop If [ get(recordnumber) = get(foundcount) ]

                 Go To Record/Request/Page [ Next ]

              End Loop

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                I do this manually, putting in the server the images in this structure: RC_Data_FMS\DataBaseName\Resources\UserImages


                And then set the container field: