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Radio Buttons - How to ensure just one option selected

Question asked by simonpsmith on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by David Moyer

I have discovered an issue in my solution regarding radio buttons that I would value some help with.


on a layout I have a drop-down list with 20 options of 'diary events'. 3 of these events have 'outcomes' that the user needs then to chose from.


These outcome radio button sets are hidden on the layout unless the relevant option is chosen from the list.



  • If they chose (from the drop-down list) "Referral" they are presented with a two "referral" radio button set to select from
  • If they chose "Assessment" they are presented with a five "assessment" radio buttons to select from
  • If they chose "Session" they are presented with a three "session" radio buttons set to select from


In testing, someone chose "Session" from the drop-down and one of the radio button options (Attended), but then, as it wasn't an actual client record and it was just a case of 'trying things out' they changed the drop-down selection to "Referral" and chose the "Accepted" button option.


It looked like JUST an 'accepted referral' had been chosen, but there was an 'attended' button selected (and hidden) in the 'session_outcome" field in the record, so basically two radio buttons were 'on' even though only one was visible on the layout.


These occurrences are counted for reporting purposes, so there was a discrepancy, the cause of which wasn't immediately obvious.


What I need to do is make it so that if one of the three events is chosen, then ONLY the outcomes that relate to it can be checked on committing the record, or more that any other radio button fields are set to 'empty'.


I considered using Replace Field Contents, but couldn't figure how to implement it.


Hope I've made the problem clear above, and that someone can help.


Many thanks.