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    FMPA Disconnecting Constantly on Windows Server 2012 -  2 Instances


      Product and version FM Advanced - 15.0..2.220 connecting to either FMS15 - 15.02

      OS and version - Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard - See attached images

      Browser and version (for WebDirect only)

      Hardware - Intel xeon 2.4hz - 32gb RAM 64 bit - see attached image of two machines

      Description - Getting constant disconnects (See attached images).


      This is occurring on 2 seperate servers for two seperate clients.


      In both FMPA is installed on same machine. Developing system remotely.


      FM14A does not have an issue, connecting and saying connected to either FMS 14 or FMS15 versions of server in the same environment.


      Error occurs while working on system. In other words during an active session. Have experienced issue, while defining a script  and editing a layout, as well browse mode.


      Temp file is no longer an issue


      How to replicate: Start FMPA and log in


      Workaround (if any): Go back to using FMA 14.