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    hard one - don't know if it is possible


      Hello people


      I've attached a screenshot of my relations table.


      Here a quick explanation


      ClubManager is my main Layout, my whole db is based on ClubManager, so CM_playerID defines what player is shown, the same for every other CM_id


      team select shows the team which i want to be shown teamid = CM_teamid


      players available shows all players whos birthday is in the range of the selected team


      Membership mark... defines what player belongs to what team.



      On my layout based on ClubManager I have a portal based on Membership, where I have the field membership_playerid. This Field is a List field and show the values of players_available::last_name. This works great, If I select the field it shows me all the players being eligible to play for that team.


      Now I was trying to add a feature to that list, so that the list shows me all available players, but removes the players already being part of the membership.


      EX: tim is elible to play the team U12, so I can chose Tim from the list field. If I select him, he appears in the membership portal as a player of that team. Now I want that if I reopen the list field, that Tim does not appear in the list anymore, as he is already member of that team



      Is this possible?


      Thanks in advance