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    Server Timeout Disconnect


      I have a database that is hosted on the server, which has settings to close a file after a while.  This is good for most files, however there is one file that I want to keep open (on an iPad).

      I have a local file that runs an OnTimerScript to try and open the hosted file to try and help with this.  However, since when the hosted file gets closed it asks if it wants to reconnect, so I think it suppresses the OnTimerScript.  (Although, it seems the local file does something where it can't find the hosted file, and I have to re-open that file.)


      Is there a way to get around this?



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          I would suggest you put the OnTimer script in the hosted file instead of the local file. Have it do something harmless, like set the value of a global field, each time it fires.


          The logout from the server is looking for idle time. By performing an action in the hosted file from the client, you reset the idle timer and prevent it from being shut down.


          Just out of curiosity, what is the driver for keeping a file open continuously? There are certain risks associated with doing that; might be a better way to achieve the objective.

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            Thank you Mike, for your input.


            I actually do have an OnTime script on the hosted file (I can't tell if it always runs, but it should).  It still disconnects, but maybe it's not doing something active enough? (It's updating a webviewer.)


            I'm keeping it open because it's showing a status of something that people need to quickly see walking by, which the status can be changed elsewhere.

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              Updating a Web Viewer (Refresh Object?) might not do it. I'm not 100% sure exactly what causes the idle timer to reset. I think there was a post here a little while ago; try searching for "idle" and see what comes up. But I think something more like a user action is needed - a key press, mouse movement, etc. So an Insert step might keep it from timing out.


              But that's the angle I would pursue. Figure out what resets the timer and leverage that.

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                Ok, I will test things out, thanks