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    Summary filter




      Can you please tell me how to apply a filter in a summary field?


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          You can't do exactly what you have requested.


          But if you provide an example of what you want, a number of folks can probably provide alternatives that produce the result that you need.

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            Thanks for your answer!

            What I'm trying to do is:


            I have a table with records and I want to get a summary field but get only some of the records that fill a specific issue.


            For example, these table records are books references wich information is spread over differente fields. Finally I have a field that collapse all this information in a "total" field that works like a biblio reference.


            I would like to have a different lyout of the same table where I show all these references, all together, and I'm using for that a Summary field, but I need to filter this summary according to one language issue; I want to get only the englis ones.

            Did I make myself clear?


            Yhanks for your help!!!

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              It sounds like you are using the "list of" summary field to combine text from multiple records into a return separated list and my answer is based on that assumption.


              Option 1:  If you set up a relationship that only matches to the records you want to summarize, your summary field will only return values from those summary records  if you display it from a layout based on the table that links to those related records.

              such as:

              LayoutTable::Matchfield = bibliography::matchfield


              You could then place bibliography::SummaryField on a layout based on LayoutTable to only show a value summarized from those records in bibliography that are related.


              Option 2:

              If you have a relationship that matches to bibliography, but which matches to more records than those that you want to be used in this summary, you might put a single row portal to bibliography on your layout and specify a portal filter expression that limits the records to just those that you want. If you then put the summary field into this portal row, it will show the desired information.


              Option 3:

              If you perform a find on the bibliography table, your summary field will summarize data for only the records in your found set. A script can perform such a find and then use set field or set variable to copy the value of the summary field into a field or variable in order to show just the data that you want to see summarized.


              Option 4:

              Using the same relationship method as Option 1, you can use a calculation field in LayoutTable that uses the List function to get the same list of text values as your summary field with the relationship limiting what values are listed.


              Option 5:

              ExecuteSQL could also be used to generate such a list of values using either a Join clause, a Where clause or both to get the needed list of values.

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                I'm gonna chek which option suits better to my database.

                I'll tell you back later.

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                  Hi again


                  I used the option 3. Probably not the more consistent way to do it, but it works. Thanks.


                  Just one more thing.

                  Now that I have the summary field, is it possible to sort it by author?

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                    I guess I found a way. Thanks anyway!