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    go to a record


      Hello there,


      How to go to a specific record in a table (A) based on a field content in a different table (B). Moreover, there is no direct relation between the two tables, but there is a table (C) related with both tables with different field.


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          This is quite vague; but if you have a relationship group where


          B -< C >- A, with


          B::field = C::field1 / C::field2 = A::field


          you can go to the record(s) in B that are (indirectly via C) related to A – though which one you actually end up on depends on the sort order that is in effect between C and B, the current found set in the target layout and the setting in the Go to Related Record script step.


          Maybe provide a more concrete scenario; A, B and C doesn't exactly set the old neurons on fire.

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            Dear erolst,

            Thank you so much for your reply.