getting right data

Discussion created by bbatechniek on Nov 11, 2016

I do have a Table called ArtComponents. In this table there are a lot of fields, but the ones that are important for my question are ArCode, ShortDescription and PictureHR1. I also made a table called Accessoire1 and I have a lay-out called ArtCard on this layout I show all details of 1 article. No problem so far. Both tables do have a field Accessoire1 which also is the relation between the 2.


So for instance I have an article 43002 which is a gasdetector. We also have article 43003 which is an extra sensor for 43002.  What I want now is to show the ArCode, ShortDescription and PictureHR1 of 43003 on the articlecard of 43002 and vice versa. I already made a Field called Accessoire1, which is a Choicelist in which you can select the related ArCode,  but no matter what I tried I can't get the ShortDescription of 43003 visible. I've used a TabElement to select the data you see of this article.