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Do I need Evaluate?

Question asked by fmpdude on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2016 by fmpdude

I have a portal with a text field and a radio button field. If I click the radio button then the text in the corresponding portal row text field should then appear on the layout in a "NOTES" field.


To do this programmatically, I was using INSERT CALCULATED RESULT using the text from a portal. The problem was INSERT CALCULATED RESULT was always inserting the first row of the portal even though the data viewer/debugger showed the correct portal row value. Confusing.


My workaround was to create a variable before the INSERT CALCULATED RESULT and then use that variable in the formula.


Since that variable idea worked fine, I'm wondering why referencing the portal field directly didn't work and if maybe this is a case where you need to use EVALUATE inside the INSERT CALCULATED RESULT so I get the current/correct portal value?