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    ALK Maps Integration




      Has anyone ever integrated ALK Maps web services into FileMaker Pro? We're researching that right now and looking for any experiences folks have had with it.



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          Looks pretty interesting, we'll have to take a closer look at this.  I like how it's designed for commercial fleets.


          We just finished integrating SeedCode's updated ProMaps into our Kosmas solution.  We also included the iOS app TrackFM so we can overlay iOS device location in real-time into ProMaps.  So now, our projects, tickets, facilities and technician locations can all be shown and interacted with on a single screen.




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            David Moyer


            some web services are easy to work with (using the Insert From URL script step).  Is this a process that you can perform manually with a web browser?

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              Yeah, it looks very useful for implementing the functionality of PC Miler routing on an enterprise level instead of having to license each location. Google Maps doesn't support truck related routing which is very odd since they own KeepTruckin, an electronic logbook and real time tracking service.

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                It's SOAP based, so I'm sure it can be accessed that way. There are just a LOOOOT of options and I'd rather not try to dig into it blind.