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Discussion created by sharon on Nov 13, 2016
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I'm recreating a legal doc from Word into Filemaker. I contains lots of numbered and sub-numbered text. Most of this is standard for each record. I would like to keep the formatting the same as it works in Word, eg


1. Some text

2. Some more text

     a. (indented) sub text

     b. more sub text

3. Another topic

     a. (indented) sub text

     b. more sub text

          i. occasionally this level of indented subtext


Does Filemaker have the automatic text numbering functionality?


In Word;

  • you can set the formatting so that the numbers appear at the left of the margin of the text. When I copy and paste them into my FM layout, they are included as part of the text with the same left margin
  • Also, if I update the text, I would need to manually redo all the numbering (yawn...)


Is there a way of doing this in FM?


Many thanks for your help.