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    Indent Numbered text




      I'm recreating a legal doc from Word into Filemaker. I contains lots of numbered and sub-numbered text. Most of this is standard for each record. I would like to keep the formatting the same as it works in Word, eg


      1. Some text

      2. Some more text

           a. (indented) sub text

           b. more sub text

      3. Another topic

           a. (indented) sub text

           b. more sub text

                i. occasionally this level of indented subtext


      Does Filemaker have the automatic text numbering functionality?


      In Word;

      • you can set the formatting so that the numbers appear at the left of the margin of the text. When I copy and paste them into my FM layout, they are included as part of the text with the same left margin
      • Also, if I update the text, I would need to manually redo all the numbering (yawn...)


      Is there a way of doing this in FM?


      Many thanks for your help.



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          Filemaker is not a word processor.


          Some of what what you want is possible, but not all of it Without a bit of work in the form of scripting and auto-enter calculations.

          Whether you put each row of text in a separate record or not will also affect how you might implement such features.

          To start, check out the paragraph formatting options in the inspector. They can be used to set tab stops and indents--which could be used to set up outline and bullet type list--but you will likely encounter limitations that you would not see with Word.

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            As philmodjunk said, FM is not a word processor and will disappoint you if you need it to work that way.  But as always, you can probably get most everything you want through some convoluted methods.  Or you can write and format it with Javascript in a web viewer in a FileMaker window or things like that.  Ultimately, if you want those types of things, then use a tool designed for them like Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign.  I've seen some really cool example where you create a Word Document, save it as HTML, see how the code works and have FM generate it and then have Word open the HTML document and vwalla, all the formatting is there. 


            I guess the question comes down to what is it that you need done and what is the best tool for it and it might not be FileMaker.  Or it may be FileMaker in combination with another tool.


            But I feel your frustration in that I run into some of those limitations and have wished FM had more formatting tools like you want to do.  It just goes to show that no software tool does it all. 

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              Markus Schneider

              There must be feature requests for better text handling in FileMaker


              As we did some surveys for a wishlist for a new FileMaker version in one of our bigger installations, this was the first point users asked for..


              On the other hand, this is not on the top of my own wishlist, has not top priority for me - as mentiond before, FileMaker is not a wordprocessor, not every database-application will need that.


              It's not so easy as with Word, but using tabs in a text lets You do some of the things - not a problem if the text is written as a template (one time written for all records in the db)


              There are ways to create a database-solution with indents, some programming is needed as Phil mentioned - once the layout with the needed functionality is set up, users will find it easy enough..


              If one writes a novel, FileMaker is not the tool - but if one is looking for a tool with a fine, fixed structure, the FileMaker is fine, better than a wordprocessor


              I believe, there are some plugins that allow some kind of connecting FileMaker to Word (MBS Plugin)

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                Which is not to say that you can't produce indented numbered lists. Here's a screen shot of a numbered list that I produce every week in FM GO. Note that the indented rows of text could have been a), b) etc.



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                  Phil is too modest to say this, but those of us who've profited from his insights thru the years have no problem with it: "Real wisdom is listening to PhilModJunk."

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                    Many thanks to everyone for all your help. I've figured out how to do the indenting so my text looks as it should. Which is fine for now.


                    But if I need to reorder, add or delete clauses, I'll need to manually renumber them all. There are 28 clauses, and many of them have subclauses...


                    How do you make a feature request for bullets and numbering?


                    Thanks again everyone.



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                      If each row of text is a different record, the renumbering can be done fairly easily with either a looping script or replace field contents using the serial number option. It can make sense to enter/edit the data in different records and then use a calculation to display the text in a merged format on a related parent record.


                      To add a product Idea, go to "Home" in this forum and you should find a link for creating a product idea. It's a good idea to first use the search tool over there to see if anyone has posted a similar idea before adding your own.