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    Save Date as dd/mm/yyyy


      There is one date field which should be accept date as dd/mm/yyyy. Dropdwon-calendar option also have selected from the control-style .But still there are some users who add this field value manually. They add some date as 14-11-2016 or 14.11.2016. How to forcefully add it as dd/mm/yyyy.

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          Even if you format the field as strict 4 year date FM will still accept the delimiters.

          The alt delimiters will not interfere with data calcs.

          You should ask yourself if you really need to be that strict.

          If not then you can alter the presentation format of a date field to turn those alt delimiters into whatever you want.

          If you must prevent the alt delims then you can set validation to check for the alt delimiters OR put in an auto enter calc that does a substitute.

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            That's an interesting problem. An auto-entry date seems like the best option for "today's" date. To create an auto-entry date field, look at the auto-entry options for the field.


            My question is:  Does FMP have a simple option to ONLY let you use the calendar drop down to enter a date and not allow any manual entry into a date field?


            Although your date example is unambiguous, if users can enter any date format manually, how do you know what a potentially ambiguous date like 3/11/2016 is?


            Is that (manually-entered) date March 11, 2016 (mm/dd/yyyy) or is that date November 3, 2016 (dd/mm/yyyy)???


            (You can't tell -- and neither can FMP -- from the date since it could be either.)

            I tried to put a graphic control covering part of the date field, but when I was in the form, but leaving the calendar drop down icon uncovered, but I was always able to manually enter a date regardless.


            Sorry, but without a clever hack or a way that FMP can force you to use the calendar drop down only (this must be there somewhere), I don't see how to solve the potential date ambiguity problem. (A script can't help since a script wouldn't know what a user might mean when she enters 3/14/2016 or 3.14.2016


            HOPE THIS HELPS.

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              Sounds to me like the problem is bigger than that since you could have ambiguous dates by manual date user entry.


              Need a way to force users to only use calendar drop downs.

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                Soon as you allow manual date entry you encounter the ambiguous date issue.

                AFAIK their is no setting in FM that will prevent this.

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                  Yep. A simple easy-to-add feature like that would make me consider upgrading.

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                    put it in as a product idea

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                      One thing that you can do is borrow a work around from FM GO. Since the iOS "Date Spinner" in FM GO is pretty awful, many of us have created popovers that look and function like a calendar. You could adapt that tool for FileMaker Pro use and thus limit the user to only dates selected by a button click.

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                        Why bother? I have a zero for 20 record with FMI.


                        My "What's missing in FMP" list I maintain now has 35 features I'd like to see. About 15 of them should have been in version 1.0 (like Search & Replace in scripts).


                        I tried. I failed. I gave up.

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                          Here's where I get to tout the virtues of ISO 8601, the international standard for coding dates: yyyy-mm-dd. Today, for example, would be 2016-11-14. Independence Day next year will be 2017-07-04. A more compressed version of each (which I use myself whenever dating documents or naming versions of files) omits the hyphens: 20161114, 20170704. Putting the year on the left of the sequence, in the high-order position, means you can sort the dates in straight numerical order.


                          One trick that you may or may not have noticed is that FMP adopts your operating system's current standard date sequence when you create a new file or when you clone an existing one. That means that, even if all your current files think of the date as being in mm/dd/yyyy sequence, you can reset your system date preferences to yyyy/mm/dd, clone the files, import all the corresponding data, and be off to the races with a more rational dating convention.


                          Finally, let me suggest that you give consideration to breaking your dates up into 3 separate fields (year, month, and day) of type Number and assembling the components with a calculation.

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                            What you are saying is fine, but the simple fix is for FMP to have a simple checkbox that says something like: "Allow date entry only from calendar".


                            Phil's suggestion is good, but we already have a "date picker"; it's just not protected against incorrect date entry.


                            Using the three fields you suggested doesn't keep people from getting confused and entering the wrong values in the wrong fields.


                            A simple "Allow date entry only from calendar" would fix that.


                            (Of course, I'm sure if I suggested this obvious enhancement I would be zero out of 21 suggestion attempts.)



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                              (Of course, I'm sure if I suggested this obvious enhancement I would be zero out of 21 suggestion attempts.)


                              Well, my own batting average isn't notably better, but I keep dropping my inspirations into the suggestion box anyway. Just part of my devotion to Continuous Quality Improvement as a way of life. Hey, Chicago Cubs, right?

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                                I think you want to use OnObjectKeystroke and then a script that just exits the script. This will open the calendar drop down but not allow a user to type in an entry.

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                                  David Moyer


                                  that works just swell.  Nice.  I added to the script so that it brings up the calendar if one tries to edit the field.  OnObjectModifyKeystroke:


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                                    David Moyer

                                    sorry - I mistyped.

                                    OnObjectKeystroke is the trigger OCDilla suggested.

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