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Filemaker 11 disappeared off desktop after filemaker 15 trial installation

Question asked by ndveitch on Nov 11, 2016
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Hi there,


I need to find out if anyone has had this issue. I went to see a new client last week who has been using FileMaker for the past number of years. They never upgrade to 12 and have stuck on FM 11. When I went to see them I loaded a trial copy of FM 15 and converted their database so they could see that it would look and work the same. We had to do this so that the client would feel safe in the switch over. So a few of the users had FM 15 trial installed and a copy of the converted file on their desktop to play around with. They are still using FM 11 to do their work.


All was working well until this morning when they turned on their machines and the FM 11 icon was gone from the desktop. The files were still all in program files, so getting the icon back on the desktop was not an issue. The issue is, when we try to connect to the file hosted on the FM 11 server, the login screen shows, but then after putting in the username and password, the system seems to hide and does not show the FM window. I can't even get to File->open remote because it seems that the window is either permanently minimized or on a second monitor that is not there.


This is annoying as now the client thinks that FM 15 has caused this issue.