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    Conditional Value List


      Hello everyone, i am new to filemaker. i am working on conditional value list. After setting up, some of the data represent '?'.

      Does anyone know why some of the data show '?'


      i ma using Filemaker 14

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          ? is show for a number of reasons :-)


          1. if the data in a field does not fit, make the field larger on the layout

          2. when data type doesn't correspond, text in date field or not right format.

          3. result of executeSQL.  Meaning the query has an issue.

          and probably more I can't think of right now.


          You say "some" of the data, so my quess is the system you setup works except sometimes it doesn't fit, so it would be number one.

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            Thank you. May be my description is not clear enough. it is a text field. Some of the data contain few characters like text here could not be shown. It should be something wrong in my relationship or set up of the conditional value list?

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              There are a number of ways to set up a conditional value list. It's usually set up such that a relationship controls which values appear in the list.


              Thus, please describe exactly how you have set up your value list, the options in Manage | Value List, the relationship used and how you set it up on your layout.

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                i have a list to store the data. For example Product table with category and name of product. I link the product table to the invoice line item table. Also, i create a product Selected by category table and link the catagory field of these two table. So the portal of line item is something like,



                category      name

                fruit              apple

                meat            beef


                after i choose the catagory which is value list including all category data in product table.

                for the name field, it is the conditional value list, the setting is shown as following


                1st field                                                                               2nd field

                product Selected by category::category          product Selected by category::category


                show related records in line item table

                only show 2nd field


                after i set it up, some of the data shows ? while some of them are not.

                For example, for fruit, they are apple, orange and pineapple.

                in this case, pineapple is not shown. only ? is shown.


                It should be something wrong in my set up or the relationship.

                but i don't know why the list showing in this way.

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                  David Moyer


                  as mentioned in post 1, it sounds like your field is too narrow to show the longer word "pineapple".  Just in case this could be helpful, here's a simple example of using conditional value lists:

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                    Question mark in field, when the content is too big, will only happen in number fields. OP states clearly that (s)he has text fields.

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                      David Moyer

                      so now I know the field is not too narrow.  I'm wondering why you are using the 2nd field in your value list, as it appears to duplicate the 1st value.  Typically, the 2nd value will be a human-readable value, and the 1st will be the serial number key associated with the 2nd value.  Can you post a mini-copy of your file?

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                        I agree with David that it really doesn't make sense to specify the same field as both field 1 and field 2.


                        Here's a file with multiple conditional value list examples along with detailed information on how each works:


                        Adventures in FileMaking #1 - Conditional Value Lists

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                          Thank you David. I think the setting has some problem. i should set the value list in this way.

                          use the value of 1st field

                          product name


                          show related record in line item table.

                          Now it works fine.


                          Also, i made a silly mistake. setting the name field as number field in the product table so it show ? in some of the data.