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    Corrupted files?


      I'm new to FileMaker and I've been working in filemaker to create a database for my job. I'm using the template "Invoices" to create what I need.

      The problem is, I can work days or hours on a file (almost complete it) and it just stops. It brings up the circle loading symbol on the mouse pointer and won't load. I've tried opening it on different computers and it still won't open. I'm using FM Pro 13. I've tried saving it as a compacted copy and that one eventually does the same thing. This has happened more than 4 times now.

      Does anyone know what might be happening or what I'm doing wrong?

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          You should get advanced and run a recover on the file and check the recovery log file.

          If it in fact corrupted then you should figure out why (running virus scan on the file while open, running backup on the file while open, opening the file within dropbox, etc)

          You might want to install a development copy of FMS and do your development on that as it provides for automated backups and consistency checking among other things

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            I did try to recover the original file and the copies as well.. same outcome. I can't update to the newest version because I do not have clearance to be an admin on my computer. I tried running a virus scan. :/

            I'm at a loss..

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              It could be many things


              Have you tried calling FileMaker Tech Support ?




              > I'm new to FileMaker

              It brings up the circle loading symbol on the mouse pointer and won't load

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                FYI, running a virus scan on a live open copy of FileMaker will corrupt it.  Bad idea.  Same with backup software.  Be very careful with FM live data that nothing touches it while open other than FM.  That is why it works best on FileMaker Server on a server OS.  When on a server, it doesn't matter what happens on the client and it is virtually impossible for a client FMP to corrupt a FM server hosted file.  Unfortunately, it is easy to corrupt local FMP hosted data if you do not handle it carefully. 

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                  You are a very typical


                  Someone new to FileMaker,  running a single file locally,  on a Machine that's "locked" by IT


                  So,  you're not about to ( or even need to ) use FileMaker Server


                  And running a single file on plain FileMaker Pro is what the product was designed to do, so it's perfectly okay.  That's how I started out


                  However,  if your file repeatedly stops working,  or will not open,  you need to reach out to Tech Support


                  Note:  if you've tried running the file "on different machines",  could you perhaps take a copy home,  and try a Demo of FileMaker 15 ?




                  > That is why it works best on FileMaker Server on a server OS

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                    So, I actually did have IT come over and update it after the first suggestion. (still not working) I have also contacted Filemaker support and am waiting on a response.

                    My boss actually tried to take it home and it did the same thing to him. (not sure which version he has) 

                    I will try the demo version as well.. thank you!

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                      Try running the recover command, but have it copy blocks as is and rebuild the indexes.  We lucked out numerous times with it being just corruption in the indexes.


                      Otherwise, you may have to clone the last known good data file, and then import the data from the corrupted file (one table at a time or by script) into the new one.  If you do this, make sure you do it in the right order (i.e. children before parents) and then you have to go and set the next serial ID for anything that is auto numbered. i.e. if the next invoice id is 1000, you may have to update the next serial id on that field to be something that isn't a duplicate.

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                        This seems like a great idea. The problem is: when I attempt to open the "recovered" file it does the same loading this as the original. Maybe I'm doing it wrong? I'm starting to think it may just have an issue with my computer some how.