FileMaker Cloud Crashed - No Notice

Discussion created by mattel on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by mattel

TLDR: don't change the default dhcp option set in your vpc.


I'm running a filemaker cloud server as a test -- if it all goes well - we will put it into production with 100 users or so.

The instance has been running since November 5th, and till now, not had any problems I was aware of.

Today I tried to connect to it, and the website access is down, I tried accessing it from the local machine ip from another machine on the same vpc - no luck.  Connection refused.

I can still ping the machine and I ssh'd into it.

So my question is this, if the filemaker server process crashes, how do I setup an alert to reboot the instance?  Or at least send me an email. I expected something like this to be built into it automatically.


Prior to posting this I did get it back up and running.  I had been working on creating some remote desktop servers to access this filemaker cloud server from (also in aws).  I created a new dhcp-option set that would use the dns servers of the domain.  Apparently that interferes with something that the filemaker cloud image is doing in registering itself with.  Additionally you made need to look at the /etc/resolv.conf and confirm that your server is not trying to add your local domain to the prefix instead of ec2-internal. 


Everything is still not correct and I will likely end up relaunching this server.  Obviously there is still a lot of inflexibility built into this for those who otherwise would be deploying it into a mixed environment.