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    Filemaker Cloud Reboot


      If you have to reboot a filemaker cloud server, what's the best practice.  Traditionally I would go in and close all the databases and stop the fmserver service before doing a system reboot.  if you just use the command line reboot command will filemaker server shutdown gracefully?  I wanted to force the maintenance packages to get applied now, not when they scheduled the reboot.

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          Normally it will but I have not trusted that ever.  So I would close the files in the admin console before doing a reboot from the command line.


          Or try the 'fmsadmin close' command while you are at the command line anyway.

          If you want to stay away from the command line I guess you could go to your AWS console and restart the instance there after using the FMS admin console to close the files.

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            I was thinking of it also in terms of the cloud watch monitoring where you can set it to either recover or restart an instance based on certain alarms and conditions.  But the only way that stuff makes sense is if the image is setup to close filemaker gracefully when it receives the restart / reboot command. 

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              Hi Wim,


              Do you know a trick to make "fmsadmin close" work with FileMaker Cloud? Most fmsadmin commands always seem to return "Error: 3 (Unavailable command)".



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                Hi Greg,


                Unfortunately not; in the early builds the fmsadmin commands were largely still there but were then taken away.  I think we need them back for things like this.

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