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Lost the Open Remote on FMP

Question asked by sundown on Nov 12, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2016 by sundown

I just added FileMaker Cloud trial account & added a couple of files to the Host which I added as a Favorite Host on FMP 15.0.2.

I uploaded the databases & they were working fine. A few hours later I went to open these databases again & found the "Open Remote is not working. That means that neither my old favorite Host or the new FM-Cloud Host are there. The Open Remote panel is blank (except for my local computer Databases) and does not have the Add Favorite + or the edit wheel. I can no longer open any of my remote Databases. This must have been the result of adding the FMP Cloud Host?

I also opened the FMP 14 App & it is blank also.

Anyone know what has happened? I cannot see or add a Favorite Host.


Open TRemote.png