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    How do I update changes from FileMaker Pro Advanced to Filemaker Server?


      My CWP solution does not recognise the changes I have made to the database in FileMaker Pro Advanced. How do I update the changes to FileMaker Server?


      I've added fields through 'File-> Manage -> Database', and added them to the table view of the layout I'm working on. The changes are still there when I close and open the database with FileMaker Pro Advanced through 'File-> Open Remote' and choose the database from the local FileMaker Server.

      The following PHP-line does shows the new fields of the layout, but not the ones that I've just added.

      echo var_dump($fm->listFields('layout'));


      Adding a record with the new fields gives the error 'Field not Found'.


      I don't understand how it has worked earlier today, but after a lot of trying and failing it has suddenly worked without me doing anything consistently to make it happen. Until now when it does not update anymore.


      I've tried:
      1. Restarting FileMaker Server
      2. Restarting Web Publishing Engine
      3. Restarting FileMaker Server and Web Publishing Engine
      4. Closing and opening database in admin-console
      5. Closing and opening FileMaker Pro Advanced
      6. Restarting FileMaker Server through command line
      7. Verifying database
      8. Searching the menu-bar in FileMaker Pro Advanced for ways to update changes to the Server
      9. Googling for how to update changes from FileMaker client to Server.


      I'm using a developer license of FileMaker Server 15, and FileMaker Pro Advanced
      Database is hosted locally and I'm using macOS Sierra 10.12.1.