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    Insert a container graphic as a condition of the presence of two other container field graphics:


      I am very new to Filemaker and am struggling with this problem. I have some check boxes that indicate if the required signatures are on a document. I used something like the following script, and put it as an exiting script trigger on the pop up that houses the signature field.


      if [table::record = ""]

      Set Field [table::field; table::Empty_Check_Box]


      Set Field [Table:Field; Table::Marked_check Box

      End If


      This part seems to be working great; however: because the document needs several signatures and a worker would be dealing with several documents at once, I wanted to create a small icon that shows when all of the signatures are present and another when they are not so the user can see at a glance without previewing the finished documents. I have tried a couple things: I set some fields up with the IsEmpty (field) script which populate great. I then set another field which calculates the values of the "IsEmpty" fields; the math worked and the fields show the right values so I tried a similar script:

      Go to Record [first]


      If [table:: calculated field= "0"]

      set field [table::field; table::Green_Light]


      Set Field [table::field; table::Red_Light]

      End If

      Go To record [next; Exit after last]

      End loop


      I also tried the same thing with the values of the check boxes instead of the calculated numbers. I would really appreciate it if anyone has advice on how to proceed. Thank you for your time.