Web viewer on windows 7 behaving differently than built-in IE

Discussion created by Vincent_L on Nov 12, 2016
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I stumbled on something very weird, my web viewer javascript code is not acting the same on 2 different windows 7 service pack 1 PCs, 1 machine works and the other does, but even more puzzling on the PC that doesn't work the web viewer acts differently than the installed IE 11. In fact it seems to behaves like an older version of IE in the web viewer , but the user agent is reportedly the same :

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1: Trident/7.0; rv11.0) like Gecko


So it work on the installed IE, but not in the web viewer on the offending PC. On another PC, this works perfectly behavior is the same in IE as in the web viewer.


Can someone explain me this, or did someone experienced this. I can't understand why the web viewer would behave differently than the installed IE


I use latest Jquery. And the offending code is about checkboxes that fires differently. This is documented that checkboxes on versions prior to IE trigger the code before they're checked whereas on IE 11 and later it triggers after they're checked


I'm a mac guy, I don't now anything about PCs, so maybe there is some obscure  security settings to set.


Thanks for you help