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    Find not working, index is fine


      I'm doing a find on a text field in a rather large table for 9655.  Instead of returning 9655 it is returning 7840 (or something like that, can't remember exactly).  I've tried rebuilding the index and it didn't help.

      Any ideas what is going on here?


      Exactly the same happens if I do a find on ==9655  and also it's ID in the id field is 264 and finding on 264 also only returns the 7840 records...

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          Markus Schneider

          You are doing the native FileMaker - find? No custom menues with scripted find?


          Local or via FM Server?

          What says the log when You repair (a copy!) the file?

          Other fields are working in order when You perform a find?

          Can You create a clone and import the data? Does that solve?


          What version? There are/were some issues when using FMS with unstored calc-fields ('Find') -> restarting the server helped. Not sure, when/if this issue was solved...

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            File is on FMServer, but I took it off FMServer to rebuild the indexes and online or offline it does the same.

            The log file when I do a repair shows no errors or warnings at all!


            I might create a clone next, perhaps a compacted clone.

            This is all up to date FMS15 on indexed fields.

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              David Moyer


              it's certainly strange behavior.  Is it possible that the field contains a list, and that 9655 is hidden?  That is, you might have a field that shows a single line, while it actually contains a list, like:




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                Hi problem found.  Sorry guys my error.
                The relationship between these two tables is a hardware serial number.  The hardware was swapped from an old deactivated unit to a newly activated unit.  So the serial also swapped from unit to unit, my relationship didn't also exclude deactivated units so that is why the wrong unit was being found.

                The problem is now fixed!

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                  David Moyer

                  for anybody following, Carl said he tested ==9655.  That precludes my suggestion of 9655 being hidden in a list.  My bad.

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                    If I read this right, this is a common mistake reported here in the forum that comes when you search for data in a field from a related table. The find finds a record in the layout's table that has more than one related table. If any of the related records have a value that matches the criterion, the record is found even though the single field does not display that value due to not being in a portal that can list multiple related records. (The field shows the first related record, but the find matches on any of the related records...)