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    FMS 15 Scrollbars MIA making WebDirect form fill impossible (Solved)


      FMS15 Scrollbars are missing on WebDirect Forms, making it nearly impossible to complete a form longer than one page (screen)

      Example: https://mservicegroup.com/app (new app)

      Worked just fine previously in FMS 14!


      Product and version FMS

      OS and version: macOS 10.11.6 El Capitan

      Browser and version All Web browsers and versions!

      Hardware: All Hardware!

      Description: WebDirect Forms Omit Scrollbar making form fill and navigation nearly impossible.

      How to replicate: Application Form

      Workaround (if any): Only Tab key works to limited extent.

      *** SOLUTION FOUND ***

      This bug is apparently a known issue caused by using the default legacy "Classic Theme."

      Changing the theme to any newer, modern Theme fixed the issue instantly.

      Learned this solution here:

      Vertical Scroll Bar Missing // WebDirect and FMP Server 15