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    List within a List


      For my children's hockey teams I created a program to chart the events in a hockey game. Which worked great for one division. Now my older child wants his games recorded too but they are in different divisions.

      i would like to be able to select a division in a pop up menu, and based on that,  the next popup menu selects the team.

      My tables are:

      Division with __pk_DivID, DivisionName

      Team with __pk_TeamID, _fk_DivID, TeamName


      I created a self-join (duplicating Team creating Team2) 

      I put a popup menu which selects the division (using _fk_DivID) and below it another popup menu which would select the team name (using TeamName).


      However, the first popup menu shows the different divisions but won't let me select any other value than the first one.


      Not sure what I have done wrong.


      Can someone show me the proper way to make this work?

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          It appears that you want a conditional value list where selecting a value in one field controls what list of values appears in the value list for another field.


          The typical approach is to define a relationship to use with your conditional value list to get the necessary filtering action.


          Division::__pk_DivID = Teams::_fk_DivID


          You can then set up a value list of teams listing values from Teams for fields 1 and 2, while selecting the "include only related values starting from "division" option.


          This produces a conditional value list of teams if it is used from a layout based on Division.


          For a working example of such a value list, check out the "basic conditional value list" example in:


          Adventures in FileMaking #1 - Conditional Value Lists

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            Thank you philmodjunk that is exactly what I needed.

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              It's very helpful to first create an ERD so you can design your database. (Design before implementation.)

              FMP is a great tool, but it encourages you to just "jump in" when you should design a little first.


              If you check out a tool like "SQL Editor", you'll find that not only does it help you design your database, but it will CREATE the database for you in your LIVE FMP application.


              When your design changes as you noted above, you have a real tool to help you maintain your DB. The "Relationships Graph" is not an ERD.


              HOPE THIS HELPS.