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List within a List

Question asked by pademo57 on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by fmpdude

For my children's hockey teams I created a program to chart the events in a hockey game. Which worked great for one division. Now my older child wants his games recorded too but they are in different divisions.

i would like to be able to select a division in a pop up menu, and based on that,  the next popup menu selects the team.

My tables are:

Division with __pk_DivID, DivisionName

Team with __pk_TeamID, _fk_DivID, TeamName


I created a self-join (duplicating Team creating Team2) 

I put a popup menu which selects the division (using _fk_DivID) and below it another popup menu which would select the team name (using TeamName).


However, the first popup menu shows the different divisions but won't let me select any other value than the first one.


Not sure what I have done wrong.


Can someone show me the proper way to make this work?