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    copy reports between databases?


      I know this is super silly, I created a few reports a month ago in one database and need to do those exact reports in a different database that has all the same info. I am having trouble re-creating what I first did. Is there any way to just straight copy a report in layout manager in one solution and paste it into another? I know the ease of it for scripts, or highlighting layout objects, or custom functions, etc., just cannot figure out how to do it in Manage Layouts. It would make life so so much easier if so. Thank you ahead of time!

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          If the relevant portion of your data model (the set of Table occurrence boxes and relationships that provide data to your report layout or that are used by scripts that produce that report), is exactly the same with exactly the same TO names, then this is mainly a case of copy/pasting your layout objects from one file to the other, but something that has to be done with care as the details are critical.


          Create a new blank layout. The table occurrence specified in "Show record from" in layout set up for this layout must have exactly the same name. The related table occurrences must also match. I know that you said that this is the same in both files, but make sure that no changes have slipped in unnoticed.


          Use the inspector and part set up to create exactly the same parts with exactly the same sizes. You can use the position tab of the inspector to set the height of each layout part in the new layout to exactly match that of the original. If you have any fields formatted with value lists on your original layout, replicate them in your other file.


          If you have no buttons that perform scripts or script triggers:


          Now select all objects on your original layout and group them. Note the top and left values on the Inspector's position tab. Paste the copied objects to your new layout and adjust the values for top and left for your pasted group so that their position is exactly the same as the original. You can now ungroup the pasted objects if you want.


          If you have script performing buttons or script triggers:


          Paste your layout, but don't bother to adjust their position and don't ungroup them. Now import all the scripts required for your buttons and triggers. Make sure that none are renamed. Fix their script names to match the originals if one is renamed. The first "paste" here gets any layout objects that your scripts might reference in place so that your scripts are more likely to import error free.


          Now delete the pasted group of objects (they will have buttons and triggers that are broken--they aren't linked to their scripts like they need). Copy and paste again as described above to get a copy that is positioned correctly with functional script triggers and buttons.


          You'll need to check all that for errors when done as it's easy to miss something. FileMaker Advanced with a DDR or even better, a third party tool that uses that DDR can be invaluable for checking over the results for errors.

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