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Issue with Date field changing other fields

Question asked by MatthewPetersen on Nov 13, 2016
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I have a form with a date field and then some other fields pertaining to t-shirt sizes. If I create a new record, pick a date and enter the information for t-shirt sizes, then make a new record with a different date and different shirt information, if I then change the date in the second record to something earlier than the first record the t-shirt information will also change to exactly what is in the first record. I can't figure out how this is happening. It is only changing the t-shirt size fields, not any other fields in the form.


I also have a field that is a total for the t-shirt sizes, but the calculation doesn't change when this issue happens.


I can't figure out what the deal is.


I am using Filemaker Pro 14.


Any help would be appreciated.