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FileMaker Server question

Question asked by jackmac on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by Mike_Mitchell

Hi all,


I'm building a solution for my business and have a quick question.  There are 4 users in my company for this solution. The system will have a 'desktop file' which has no actual tables, only 'shadow' tables which are in the 'server file'.  In the past I've put a copy of the desktop file on each machine. This file is linked to the 'server' file. We haven't used FM Server for this in the past as there have only been a couple of users and there isn't much data involved.


I'm now looking at using FM Server (probably on a Cloud or hosted service).  My question is:


Do I still use a 'desktop' file which is actually on each machine or can I put a link to a hosted 'desktop file'? This would connect to the hosted 'server' file which has all of the data.  If I can put a copy of the 'desktop' file on the hosted server that would be easier as I can update that file and all users would then get all of the new functionality immediately.


Hope that makes sense.