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    Data in record is cleared out FMGO


      I have 4 surveyors out in the field. Every once in a while they will be entering information into fields. They hit the built in "next" button (previous / next) that is above the dropdown list (or keyboard). The data in the record then disappears. Usually only the current record is deleted. On at least 2 occasions over the past year, all records were deleted. I assume a record is committed/saved after a user leaves a field. Anyone else have similar issues?  I've not seen anything in the discussion groups here.


      Here are some details:


      FMGO13, standalone db and form, no portals.  Iphone 6plus. Table contains about 80 fields. FM Server is not involved. User copies export CSV file to their home computer at the end of the day.



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          Is there any reason why you can't update to use FileMaker Go 15 instead of Go 13?


          There was certainly an issue prevalent in v.13 which improved in v14, and which I now rarely, if ever, see in v15 which prevented data from being saved, and also caused an error popup saying that the record was being modified in another window, even though only one window was open... I think it was to do with memory management or something, particularly on older devices with less RAM.


          See this thread, and I found that philmodjunk's 'bug check' script works very well to check for the fault and advising the user to restart FileMaker Go:


          Record cannot be modified in this window because it is already being modified in another window


          In any case, do upgrade to v15 if there isn't any reason not to...

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            Thanks for the info. We will probably upgrade, but one reason we have kept with 13 is that the keyboard/values list stays open in 13. At first we did not like this, since it takes up screen space (on our iphones), but we grew used to it for two reasons. 1) The next button stays in the same place. The user can tab thru fields without moving the location of their finger and 2) this then causes the user to be more apt to review all data fields when doing a report.  FM14 (and 15) provided a method to hide the keyboard (enable touch keyboard) but this causes the "next button"  (now ">") to move to the bottom of the screen when a user picks a value in a list that was the the default value. So far I'm not able to force the keyboard/list area to stay open in FM14/15.