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Script will not pass variables to fields

Question asked by rossdavis on Nov 14, 2016
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Hi All -




Filemaker Pro 14


Creating a "Shopping Cart" type app to be used by our custodial staff to order supplies from our warehouse.   User start with an order form, then via a script go over to the supplies form.  Users then enters the quantity for a supply item and the clicks a button (with the following script assigned) to add this item to their order.  I want to use this method so that we may display a picture of the item for quick identification purposes.


3 Tables:  Orders, Orders_Line_Items and Supplies

Orders 1 to Many with Orders_Line_Items


My plan does NOT intend to use relationships to display details from Supplies  on Orders_Line_Items.  We need to keep the data "as is" on the order form.


The attached script has some errors in that the fields never get assigned to values from the variables.


Would someone point out my error?  Note the $$order_number value was set by me to 10 just for testing purposes.  It usually set by another script.