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    Server Warning 30




      My server emails me this warning if ever my, or a client's, internet connection goes down...


      FileMaker Server 14.0.4 on AS3476 reported the following event: 2016-11-15 10:23:29.720 +0000 Warning 30 AS3476 Client "User1 (PF-WKS06) []" no longer responding; connection closed. (10)


      I've recently installed a copy of FM Pro Adv on the virtual server I rent. I then connect to any database on the server. Great, no problems, works as one would expect. However, about a minute later the server emails me the above warning. The connection is not closed and the database continues to function normally. The warning messages keep coming through though, one about every minute. That's 1440 in 24 hour!


      Why is FM Server, when accessed by FM Pro on the same machine, thinking it's not responding and saying it's closing the connection. when it doesn't?


      The hosting company has no idea beyond restarting the server and reinstalling FM Pro software which I have.


      Any thought's gratefully received, which I will pass on to the hosting company, as it's way out of my knowledge zone.




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          There are two types of error 30: the that mentions '10' like yours and the other mentions '51'.


          '10' happens when the server tries to send an update to the client and it can not reach the client so it considers it disconnected.

          '51' would happen when the client is idle and tries to ping the server every minute or so.  When FMS does not receive a ping from a client for a while it will consider the client disconnected.


          It sounds like you have FMPA running on that machine and have the solution open on a layout that forces FMS to send frequent updates?

          What if you leave FMPA open on another layout?


          Perhaps there is some setting on the virtual machine that will put the NIC to sleep very quickly, and when FMS wants to update the FMPA on that channel it is delayed long enough for FMS to think that the client is no longer there, but not long enough to actually get disconnected.


          Note that by leaving FMPA running with the solution hosted, you are making the FMS machine work harder than it needs to trying to keep that FMPA client up to date.

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            Thanks Wim


            I passed your comments back to the hosting company. They have said...

            'I would recommend not disabling the NIC, because in that case, nobody would be able to access the server, including us.'


            Is NIC, FMPA and FMS connected? What do those acronyms mean?


            A colleague suggested trying a new file with 1 table, 1 field and 1 record to see if that made any difference. it didn't.


            Any more thoughts?



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              Morning Wim


              I've been i touch with FM Support. Their comment was 'that this not a supported configuation (ie both Pro and Server on the same machine) due to FileMaker Server requiring to be installed on a dedicated machine'.


              I've written back to them...


              Morning David (support)


              I've been in touch with the hosting company again and we are reading https://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/14401/~/system-requirements-for-filemaker-server-14 differently.


              We read it that Pro Adv 15 will read Server 14 ok, and there's no reason not to have both on the server. As many developers do.


              You're reading that Server has to be on a dedicated machine.


              But that's contrary to many developers running a copy of Pro on the server.


              What we are after is a way of stopping or getting around this warning 30 [51] happening every minute. See Wim's comment https://community.filemaker.com/thread/167800