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    Dacons Mailit v6 w/- FM Pro 14


      Hi - has anyone got any experience with the Dacons Mailit v6 plug-in working (or not...) in Filemaker Pro 14?

      I've been happily running Mailit v5 and Filemaker Pro 12 under Mac OS X 10.9.5 for a couple of years with no issues at all.

      I've not been able to get the time-limited demo of Filemaker 14 w/- Mailit v_6.0.4.35 demo working under 10.9.5 on my Mac Mini or under 10.11.6 on my Macbook Pro.

      The Mailit log is showing Error 6 "Connection Reset" - but I'm not having any other web or network issues and my ISP is not seeing any attempt to check email from either the FMP 14 10.9.5 or the 10.11.6 configs. All my other Filemaker projects seem to be working fine under the v14 demo.

      I contacted Dacons a week ago about this and have followed it up since then but I've not heard anything back - which isn't like them.

      Can anyone offer any advice on this? 

      Thanks in advance.

      / J

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          Have you re-downloaded the latest copy of the plugin files from dacons? Whenever I update a filemaker install, I always get the latest plugin versions from vendors.


          Else, this is the first I'm hearing of mailit not working with an OSX install.

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            We rarely use this on Macs these days, nearly always Windows, but I did just carry out a test using FileMaker v15.


            The same hosted file using Mac plug-in 6.0.4.b35 had exactly the same -06 (Connection Reset) you've reported. The same test using Windows 64bit plug-in, same 6.0.4.b35 version, went through no problem. In our case we're using Office 365, which the standard built in FileMaker SMTP option appears to have a problem with on both Mac and Windows.


            So this does look like a Mac/Dacons issue. Have you used the Dacons support page from their web site? We've always had good response from them. You can download the latest plug-ins from the download page on their web site, you just need to provide your contact details.




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              Thanks Andy,

              Interesting to see that perhaps these results are reproducible.

              Tonight I did a clean install using the latest Mailit demo direct from the Dacons site on both the 10.9.5 and 10.11.6 machines and got exactly the same results - can't send or receive using FM Pro 14 & Mailit v6.0.4.b35

              I contacted Dacons tech support via their site on the 7th and I've updated my request a couple of times as I got new info but I haven't heard anything back. They have always been pretty prompt to respond previously but it has been a few years since I've had to contact them.

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                I had some problems with Mail-it when I upgraded to FM 15. Do not remember the precise nature of these problems, but I contacted support and after some time they came back with a 6.0.4 b36, which I am using now. After that I contacted support to hear when they had an official release of this version, but they never returned my questions.


                Do not hope they have stopped developing this plug-in.

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                  Yes, they did the same for me with b35 quite a while before they released it officially. I have been checking on their web site relatively frequently as I don't believe they've released an update since FMP 15 was released.


                  To my knowledge MailIt was their flagship product, so would be surprised if they have stopped developing it, unless the company is in trouble.


                  Sincerely hope not, as this would be a major problem for us, although thankfully we've not had any problems with our Windows versions and all of our cloud streaming is with Windows servers.


                  If I get a bit of spare time(!) I'll try their support and see if I get anywhere.




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                    Dacons got back to me with a 6.0.4.b36 version of the plug-in which, so far, seems to be working as expected in FM Pro 14 under OS 10.11.6 and 10.9.5.


                    / J

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                      That's good news. Sorry to hear it took a while,  Dacons (and 360Works) have always given us great support, maybe there was more to this than meets the eye.



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                        I have 6.0.4.b36 and it works fine with FM15 on OS X 10.11. Has anyone tested it on Sierra?

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                          I have this exact same problem when I try to connect to the email server.

                          My config is: MacOSX Sierra (10.12), FileMaker Pro Advanced 15.0.3 and plugin (downloaded it today)


                          The command that should result in "000" is:

                          Let ( [

                               connecttype = "imap" ;

                               maxmsgage = 3 ;

                               server = "outlook.office365.com" ;

                               username = "myusername" ;

                               password = "mypassword" ;

                               authtype = "login" ;

                               connect = "sslOn" ;

                               timeout = 60 ;

                               port = 993

                          ] ;

                            Emai_Connect (

                               connecttype ;

                               server ;

                               username ;

                               password ;

                               authtype ;

                               connect ;

                               timeout ;

                               port )


                          But results in "-06 (Connection reset)"


                          This also fails on the same Mac using FMPA 14.0.6, but works fine on the same Mac using FMPA 13.0.9. It also works fine Windows 7, 8, 10 and 2012 with FMPA 13, 14 and 15 (32 and 64 bit versions)

                          Unfortunately I don't have Yosemite or ElCapitan installed to see if the problem is OS-related. Has ayone tested this particular command on 10.10 and 10.11?

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                            Thank you, yes this update resolves the problem, however the version function:

                            Emai_Version ( "version" )

                            answers on MacOSX:


                            It results the correct info on Windows 32 and 64 bit.
                            I check at startup for the correct version that should be


                            This results in replacing the plugin at every fm-system-startup on MacOSX

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                              It seems I reacted too early. After restarting FileMaker the version-function yields the correct version-number ... sorry for that and thank you for resolving the issue with connecting to an imap-server

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                                You're welcome. I got those links a while ago from Andy (CICT, above) in a different thread.

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                                  Thank you for those! I was puling my hair out. My previous support request had been 'download the latest' which gave the me files (which didn't help beyond FM13).  It would have been nice to get them from Dacons in a support request rather than here.


                                  The file seems to have solved the connection issue on FM14 and FM15 on the mac for me.  I am only using the simple send function, so I can't vouch for more complicated solutions.

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